Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Have Christian apologetics totally lost the battle? Obviously yes.

Here is a quick example of Metacrock's special pleading. No wonder he constantly loses "debates."

Watch this.The self delusion is almost mind boggling.

I. Argument from epistemic judgment

enhanced by the studies but is independent of them. We can make this argument weather we have the studies or not.


(1) No empirical evidence can prove the existence of the external world, other minds, or the reality of history, or other such basic things.

OK so right away he dismisses all evidence no matter how reliable, repeatable, or agreed upon by everyone you communicate with.

This is a bizarre tactic in apologetics that only reveals their dishonesty and the ignorance of their victims. It is always predictable that if they make arguments against verifiable evidence that they will quickly follow with some bullshit that they make up that you must believe on faith.

(2) We do not find this epistemological dilemma debilitating on a daily basis because we assume that if our experiences are consistent and regular than we can navigate in "reality" whether it is ultimately illusory of not.

(3) Consistency and regularity of personal experience is the key.

(4) religious experience can also be regular and consistent, perhaps not to the same degree, but in the same way.

Yep, here you go. Even though he has dismissed the idea that the sky is blue we are now supposed to believe that all religious experiences are regular and consistent.

Metacrock only has 2 arguments for his strange new age religion and they are faith healing and "mystical" experiences. Here he is arguing for the latter. He is trying to get to the idea that peak experiences are supernatural. Not just supernatural but evidence for his weird religion that has a membership of one.

Obviously peak experiences are similar. They are a result of brain chemistry and all human brains are similar.

The idea that this is evidence of the supernatural is just the simplistic fantasy of a 50 something virgin man-boy.

(5) Inersubjective

RE of this type has a commonality shared by bleievers all over the world, in different times and diffrent places, just as the exeternal world seems to be percieved the same by everyone.

I believe what he means to say here is intersubjectivity. This is basically an idea from Scientology, a subject Metacrock knows nothing about as evidenced by his imagining he is onto something special.

(6) Reala and Lasting effects.

Somehow the real and lasting effects of dying in a car accident don't count but the effects of peak experiences somehow prove that magic is for real.

Considering that Matacrock only has 2 arguments for his new age religion you would imagine he would at least have looked into them a bit. As anyone familiar with the subject knows almost everyone has these peak experiences at one time or another and they are in no way the monopoly of religion.

Calling them "mystical" experiences is just a way of adding woo woo to the issue.

(7) therefore, we have as much justification for assuming religious belief based upon experince as for assuming the reality of the external world or the existence of other minds.

This is possibly one of the dumbest thing any human being has written in the past 10,000 years, or whenever writing was invented.

You would hope it is some kind of joke, but he is perfectly serious.

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