Sunday, October 21, 2012

Metacrock's Latest Big, Fat, Lie

So Metacrock claims he has these 200 studies that prove his new-age version of Jesus is real. Basically it is a bibliography he took from someone else's work.

It has a bunch of stuff about LSD studies and meditation, and not a single one of these "studies" claims to prove anything supernatural. 

So anyway, he was hawking his snake oil of a list on CARM recently and a poster calls him out on the fact that they are not all peer-reviewed studies in academic journals. like he claims.

Thatcat: I looked at your 200 studies. The one I looked into was a Newsweek article about a conference of scientists who happen to be religious.

Though the whole list is basically a joke, this really stood out like a red flag. Having been caught Metacrock deleted the Newsweek citation from his blog.

Metacrock: how many times are you going to tell that lie? when you say "I looked at them" what the hell are you looking at? I have a bibliography. it has no news week article no it. 

Thatcat: Do you think you are fooling anyone? I saw the Newsweek article on the very page you linked to. There is no way you can pretend you didn't just delete it, and then try to make it out like I was imagining things. I bookmarked the page when it was there only yesterday. It is not there today. 

As it turns out Metacrock had copied and pasted the same list of bogus studies elsewhere on his blog and several posters found these other versions, all of which included the Newsweek article he said wasn't on it.

Having gotten caught in such an incredibly dishonest move, and even after calling Thatcat a liar, Metacrock tried to blame it on an imaginary employee. 

Metacrock: You know it's hard to deal a huge body of cousre. you have ever done a dissertation or a bib with 200 sources? It's hard to manage. so that was on some list and accidentally got put in by the typist. 

My god, what sort of childhood trauma would explain this bizarre behavior?